XPlanet Configurator - Set up XPlanet easily

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Java 1.6 (JRE) or higher
You don't need the big SDK (JDK) just the smaller JRE.

Bundle of XPlanet and the Configurator (Windows)

- Download the bundle_xplanet-1.2.0_and_configurator.zip.
- Unzip.
- Double click "xplanet.jar" or start with "java -jar xplanet.jar" from the command line.

The bundle includes the original xplanet-1.2.0.zip plus the xplanet.jar

Be patient if you start for the first time. The Configurator will download all missing maps and markers from the internet. Have a look at the "Downloader" Panel.

The Configurator without XPlanet (Linux)

- Install XPlanet. Make sure it is installed by typing "xplanet" into the terminal.
- Download the xplanet.jar.
- Double click or start with "java -jar xplanet.jar" from the command line.
- XPlanet does not set the desktop wallpaper automatically as in Windows. See the FAQs for KDE and Gnome. The Configurator will care for this soon - hopefully.


GNU General Public License v3.0
It means
- Everybody is free to look at the source code (what the programmer has written).
- Everybody can use this program without having to pay.
- Guaranteed spyware free.
Softpedia Approval


Version 0.9.6
- Added Dialog when hiding to system tray.
- Added Preview (still disabled and experimental).
- Added Checkbox to run XPlanet at start up.
- Changed download behaviour for missing ressource files.

Version 0.9.5
- Bugfixes/Improvements: -searchdir.
- Tested/debugged on Windows and some testing on Linux.
- Renders images on Linux but still lacks changing of desktop wallpaper.

Version 0.9.4
- Added Checkbox to allow connection to the internet.
- Fixes and tests for Linux (openSuse 11.1) and Vista. Needs explanation: XPlanet works on openSuse 11.1 but does not change the desktop picture.
- Changed: If the XPlanet executable is set by the user it defines the directory for config and ressources files. Used only if the user has the permission to write into this directory.
- Bugfix: Ressources where downloaded all the time since 0.9.3.
- Bugfix: Exit in system tray made a cleanup but did not exit the application, System.exit(0);
- Added sortation of system properties under menu Help > System.

Version 0.9.3
- Added support for Linux and MacOS (many changes for Windows too, needs more testing).
- Added search for ressource files (maps,...) as XPlanet does (as described in -searchdir). The Configurator searches for the right directories and uses them for the config and download files.
- Added: the jar file contains some ressource files like moon.jpg and copies it to the file system if the ressources do not exist there.
- Changed call (start) of XPlanet. Now supports installed XPlanet (if it is in the path).
- Bugfix: In non-expert Mode -verbosity and time travel (-date) did not trigger "Changed".
- Bugfix: -config was not read correctly in expert mode.
- Bugfix: program exit did not interrupt the downloader sometimes.

Version 0.9.2
- Added Icon in System Tray.
- Added Icon in Main Window.
- Open Website from System Tray.
- Open Feedback (Mail) from System Tray

Version 0.9.1
- Changed user preferences for GUI: slider locations, minimum size for simple GUI.
- Changed user preferences for default cmd file extension under Windows.
- Fixed bug: NullPointerException when switching from Expert Mode to Normal (simple) GUI.
- Fixed bug: NullPointerException for first time usage when closing the application.

Version 0.9
First release in SoureForge.net