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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to start from command line
Changes from "Expert Mode" get lost if switched back to normal mode

How to start from command line

At the moment for Windows only.
Every time you save or run a configuration the Configurator generates two files. Provided your configuration is named "Changed" these two files are generated:
  • "./Changed.cmd" in the directory of xplanet.jar and xplanet.exe
  • "./config/Changed" in the config directory
Under Windows double click on "./Changed.cmd". Two windows will open: one that starts XPlanet itself and one that starts the Downloader. XPlanet will use the command line parameters that are configured in "./Changed.cmd". One of those parameters is "-config Changed". It tells XPlanet to use the config file "./config/Changed".

Alternatively you can open the command line and change to the directory of "./Changed.cmd". Do this if nothing happens if you double click on "./Changed.cmd". The command line will tell you what is getting wrong.

Changes from "Expert Mode" get lost if switched back to normal mode

Take care you are not working with a configuration that has the same name as one of the example configurations. This behaviour is wanted. Why? XPlanet has a lot of parameters and configurations. In the "Expert Mode" you can modify almost all of them. In the Non-"Expert Mode" you will see only a small portion of all the features. You will probably end up producing a result that you can't understand from what you see in the Non-"Expert Mode".

What to do if you want to switch between Non-"Expert Mode" and "Expert Mode" without loosing settings from the "Expert Mode"? Choose an example from the list in the Non-"Expert Mode" and modify something. You will see a new entry in the list named "Changed". "Save" or "Run" XPlanet. Than you can change to the "Expert Mode" modify something and switch back without loosing your settings.